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120+ pro dancers  

6000+ videos

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No dance tutorials, find the inspiration, explore new dance moves

  • Find thousands of unique dance videos to expand your repertoire of dance moves.
  • Get the built-in tools to organize every idea and dance project, no matter your level.
  • Your source of inspiration on-the-go. Get inspired to create choreographies in minutes..

The ultimate tool for dancers and their creativity

Pro Dancers

Find inspiration to create full
routines for your next show.

Dance Teachers

Plan and organize classes
with ease.

Social Dancers

Discover new moves to level up your style.


Catch every detail, never miss a beat

With our powerful video player, you can switch angles, loop selected parts, and control the speed on every video.


Enjoy DanceLib features, now with your own videos.

Turn every idea into a choreo, anytime.


With a dedicated library for every style,
there’s tons of inspiration for every dancer.


More than 120 pro partner dancers
joined DanceLib to create the biggest dance library.

Natasha Devyatkina


“I am so happy to find such a concentration of knowledge and inspiration, to see such variety of styles and technics. A truly unique platform where everybody can find their inspiration.”



”DanceLib is the product that all dance teachers need. Not only does it solve a real problem, but it meets real everyday needs for all the teachers and dancers I know.”

Jeremy Otth


“A revolutionary platform, a ‘one-stop shop’ for resources that every dancer needs.”

Olivier Harouard


“DanceLib is everything I was dreaming about for years as a dance lover and professional. The perfect tool made for dancers, by dancers!”

Fernando Palacio

Salsa On1/On2

“As a dancer, I would have really expanded my palette if I had Dancelib. As an instructor, I would have saved so much time and have a wider variety of dance patterns.”

Elodie Lombard

Cuban dances

“As a dancer and dance teacher, DanceLib is the ultimate tool to find inspiration and keep track of steps/movements that I can use in my personal practice as well as in my classes.”

Ludovic Pelegrin

West Coast Swing

“When an idea finally meets the needs of a dancer. DanceLib is an endless source of inspiration that will change the dance world.”

Kouame Kouadio

Cuban salsa

“One of the major challenges for both professional and amateur dancers is remembering what they have learned and also being able to find inspiration from new movements. DanceLib allows its users to tackle this challenge by allowing them to access one of the largest databases of dance videos through an intuitive search feature.”

Corinne Lecacon

Salsa On1/On2

“A huge source of inspiration for dancers and future dancers. An excellent support for teachers and professionals.”

Jacopo & Linda Tavana

Salsa On1/On2

“It will save you a lot of time and it will be a great inspiration for your classes.”

Cecile Ovide

Salsa On1/On2

“You can finally explore and expand your dance palette, find new movements within new techniques and ultimately enrich your dancing.”

Sabrina Giacomini

Cuban dances

“As a dance teacher, it’s extremely exciting to have a library of dance moves. It will be a source of inspiration to start creating.”

Nick Williams


“Having a resource like Dancelib is every aspiring dancer and teacher’s dream. Not only to learn, but to draw inspiration as an instructor and artist. A hundred years’ worth of knowledge in one place.”

Terry Tauliaut

Salsa On1/On2

“DanceLib will be an amazing source of inspiration! It will become much easier and more rewarding to prepare my classes using moves that are outside of my palette. This will make a better at dancing and teaching.”

Stephen Atemie

Lindy Hop

“A useful point of reference for dancers of all levels for discovering new dance movements.”

Maria Elizarova

West Coast Swing

“It’s a brilliant platform to find new ideas and be inspired by other dancers in so many different styles.”

Alex De Carvalho

Brazilian Zouk

“The magic of dance inspiration in one place!”

Anna Stewart

Salsa On1/On2

“DanceLib offers an innovative solution for dance teachers and students alike.”

Alice Mei

Lindy Hop

“DanceLib is a great tool for learning and practicing a new dance skill. Everything will be organized and available whenever I need it.”

Marie N’Diaye

Lindy Hop

“DanceLib will inspire dancers to explore and have fun with their dance partners.”

Emilie Froment


“For a dance teacher, creating and renewing his or her course content is a complex task. Having a platform that can bring and simplify that process in one place is the dream of every dance teacher! It’s like having one place to organize thousands of ideas!”

Elisa-May Caffarel


“I am convinced that DanceLib will be THE perfect tool for dancers and teachers!”

Pedrito Y Giusy

Cuban dances

“A real treasure for a new generation of dancers!”

Laura Keat


“As a dance teacher, it would have saved me thousands of hours in the last 20 years to have a platform like DanceLib.”

Remy Kouakou Kouame

Lindy Hop

“Entertaining, stimulating and inspiring!”

Vivien Hochstatter

Cuban dances

“DanceLib is a tool that is as simple as it is exceptionally useful in the practice of dance, whether you are a dancer or a teacher, beginner or experienced!”

Leon Rose

Salsa On1/On2

“I wish I had something like DanceLib when I first fell in love with partner dancing. I would probably be dancing twice as much than I am now.”

Neddy Eguienta


“Dancelib is a platform for all dance lovers! Everyone, teachers and students alike, will be able to find their happiness!”

Mickey Fortanasce


“DanceLib will offer users the ability to explore their favorite dance styles from a fresh perspective. Creating a tool for dancers this vast has been talked about for years but never accomplished. I am incredibly excited!”

Daniel Matias


“DanceLib is the solution to the challenge and hours I spend on searching for new figures. It is the essential tool for any dancer who wants to renew themselves.”

Meline Teulier


“I will no longer spend unnecessary hours on researching and browsing videos. DanceLib is truly a time-saver.”

Bianca Locatelli & Nils Andren

Lindy Hop

“We believe DanceLib will be a great tool for people to approach dancing in a new inspirational way, giving the opportunity to interpret every move and making it yours.”

Semion Ovsiannikov

West Coast Swing

“With all the dance movements I can find on DanceLib, this is a must-have for teachers. I wish I had something like this when I started dancing and teaching.”


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Full access to 1 DanceLib library.
50GB MyLib storage.


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Full access to 3 DanceLib libraries.
50GB MyLib storage.


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Full access to 6 DanceLib libraries.
50GB MyLib storage.


Full access to 11 DanceLib libraries.
50GB MyLib storage.


Full access to 1 DanceLib library.
50GB MyLib storage.



Full access to 3 DanceLib libraries.
50GB MyLib storage.



Full access to 6 DanceLib libraries.
50GB MyLib storage.



Full access to 11 DanceLib libraries.
50GB MyLib storage.




DanceLib is the ultimate platform for partner dancers to find dance videos showcasing dance moves, figures, and patterns that will inspire you to level up your dancing.
With a library consisting of 11 styles of partner dance, you will find plenty of inspiration to fuel your ideas and start creating, no matter your style. Not only that, the in-app organizing tool makes it possible for you to create folders and dance playlists right there, so all your dance projects can stay in one place and you’ll never lose a single idea ever again.

Unlike many other dance apps already out there, DanceLib has one very important goal: making your dance journey much more organized so you can focus on finding the inspiration you need to dance and create.
So instead of videos that teach the step-by-step of a movement, we created a huge collection of short dance clips with specific moves that you can further create into a playlist and set it up as the place to organize all your dance projects. From classes to amazing choreographies or a simple “want to learn,” you can organize it all in one app.

We’re starting big to get bigger! Every dance library will have hundreds of videos ready, and we’ll keep adding 20+ videos every month for plenty more inspiration all of the time.

As we grow, we’d love nothing more than to inspire dancers everywhere by adding more dance styles on top of the 11 dance libraries we have created.

Since DanceLib is not a dance learning platform, there are no dance tutorials for the dance moves in the library. With DanceLib, the platform acts an additional tool to support you on your dance journey by having one unique place where you can find inspiration and organize.

As of now, DanceLib is a web-based platform that you can access via any web browser on your computer, laptop, and smartphone. As we continue develop and fine-tune DanceLib, more options will be introduced down the road. Stay tuned for this!

You can sign up and start using DanceLib for free right away! Your free account will immediately give you access to try all the exciting features and functionalities such as watching videos from multiple angles, creating playlists, and organizing your folders with a limited access* to every dance library on the platform. No time limit on this.
To gain full access to all the videos in a dance library, you will need upgrade to a paid subscription.
*A free account has a limited access to 20 videos/dance library.

Depending on the plan you choose, a paid subscription will give you full access to 1, 3, 6, or all 11 dance libraries on the app. A full access to a library means that all the videos in your selected library is available to watch, including the new ones we will be adding every month. This gives you total freedom to browse the immense collection of dance moves in the library and truly start creating dance playlists with as many ideas as you want. The possibility becomes endless!

Of course! Once you’ve selected the perfect plan for you and a payment has been confirmed, you will be able to set up your account the way you like it with the dance libraries you want for the ongoing subscription period.

Get started for free, and explore your potential today!

No credit card required. No time limit.

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